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Other Software and PCGen

The following publishers rely directly on or use converted forms of PCGen code and/or data and/or outputsheets and/or character files. These Publishers have our full blessing and are Officially PCGen compatible:

Other Hosted Sites for PCGen compatible Sets

Please note, PCGen (Meaning the Community Open Source Project hosted at PCGEN.ORG) is not responsible for any content hosted off our site. We do not maintain these sets nor are they under our control. These sites hold special contracts or are licensed to host these sets. All rights are reserved to their respective holders. All inquiries, bug reports or feature requests should go through the proper channels. (Do not submit JIRA reports for these as they do not belong to us and we will not be able to do anything with them).

NOTE: This list is subject to change

  • Darksun 3e - hosted by (COMING SOON!)
  • Fantasy Craft - hosted by Crafty Games (COMING SOON!)
  • Traveller20 - COMING SOON!