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The PCGen Team and the PCGen Board of Directors (BoD) gives a hearty welcome to all publishers please read Bryan McRoberts Open Letter! The BoD's Policy Document contains information on PCGen's Data Inclusion Policy as well as the process we go through to request publisher permissions, the review process to make sure that the data is correct and your IP is handles properly. You are encouraged to review our Roadmap and if you have any questions, you may contact our Publisher Liaison team!

Publisher Permissions

The permissions we've got from publishers can be seen in the Publisher Permissions section of our documentation and our wiki Publisher Permissions.

Supported Datasets

A full list of all of the datasets that PCGen currently supports (Production or Alpha) can be found in the Sources section of our documentation.

Available Sources

Supported Output Sheets

A listing of the Output Sheets that we support can be found in the Supported Output Sheets section of our documentation.

Requested Support in PCGen

Here is a listing of datasets and output sheets that are currently in Development or have been requested by users