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PCGEN Upcoming Events & Conventions

  • DunDraCon - 2011 (San Ramon, California - President Weekend [February])
    • Volunteer GM using PCGen for Character Sheets and spreading Flyers
    • Monkey(s) Attending - Andrew Maitland (PCGen Volunteer)
    • Games being run by Andrew (TBA)
  • GENCON - 2011!!!
    • PCGen goes to GenCon (More from the PR monkeys!)
  • Supporters of PCGen - You Too Can Represent PCGen
    • Let us know which Conventions you'll be attending
    • We have Flyers you can pass out or leave at an information table (Most Convention have a table to leave free offerings)
    • If you run a game be sure to showcase your awesome character in PCGen style.
    • Any ideas for further support of our favorite RPG Character Generator and Maintenance Program are always welcome.
  • Add Your Convention and Name for which events fellow PCGeners can meet and play with you.


  • Convention Name - YEAR - (Location and Detailed date)
    • Who all is attending and affiliation
    • Any further Details...

PCGEN Current Events

  • 5.16.3 just around the corner
    • RC1 - Features many improvements and bugs fixes from the 5.17 branch
    • Plus including many new Pathfinder Releases along with a few other books that have been worked on.
  • 5.17.4
    • Latest Alpha in the upcoming 6.0 release