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The PCGen Board of Directors (BoD) governs the project. Each major team is represented by one Silverback (SB) and at least one 2nd for each team/sub team (in case of SB absence).

Mission Statement

To provide overall governance to PCGen to ensure that it continues to be a leader in RPG character Generation


Active Members

Chair Monkey

Martijn Verburg - The day to day project chairperson

Chair Monkey Backup

Andrew Maitland - Chairs meetings


The Team leads

Name Team
Tom Parker Architecture
Connor Petty Code
Andrew Maitland Content
Anestis Kozakis Admin
Paul Grosse Public Relations


Name Team Subteam
TBA Architecture
TBA Code
Douglas Limmer Content Data
Eric C Smith Content Documentation
Stefan Radermacher Content Output Sheets
Paul W. King Public Relations Publisher Liaison (PL)
TBA Public Relations Data License
TBA Public Relations Advertising
James Dempsey Admin Release
Martijn Verburg Admin Tracker
TBA Admin Website

Inactive Members

Benevolent Dictator

Bryan McRoberts - The Project Creator

Chair Monkey Backup

Eddy Anthony - Chairs meetings


Name Team
Frank Kliewe Content
Eddy Anthony Content


Name Team Subteam
Devon Jones Architecture
Devon Jones Code