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This section lists the various Data Driven specifications under development

Specs currently under development

Critical Thinking - Altering how we do things

Limiting Known Spells from Domains

Skill Cost and CSKILL Overhaul

Spell Improvements

Advanced Spell Chooser

Prerequisites for Armor and Shield Proficiencies

DONOTADD Tag Proposal Updates < Handy for Eclipse, but not required >

Method to Grant Companions Benefits direct from Master's Selections < Definitely handy for Eclipse >

New Tag - Ability to Dynamically Handle HD/HP as a Var in a Single Class <Definitely Handy for Eclipse>

Ability to Alter Skill Points per Level in a Single Class Dynamically <Almost crucial to better support Eclipse>

The Ability to Add additional Skill Cost changes dynamically <Needed for Eclipse>

The Ability to Dynamically add spells to a Spell List <Multiple Sets can use this>

The Ability to Choose an Ability/Feat from a list and have it be assigned to a character <Handy for any set>

The Ability to Adjust the Cost of an Ability/Feat <Crucial for Eclipse Support>

We need a method to track when an ability was gained <Crucial for Practical Enchanter>

COMPANIONLIST Improvements Something that would be helpful for new sources support

Eclipse Master List Showing List of Issues for Eclipse

Conditional Skill Proposal Better design to handle conditional skills

BONUSTYPE to replace TYPE in assigning bonuses

Finalized Specs which now have associated code FREQ trackers

Pathfinder bonus feat progression

Additional Weapon Damage

Equipment Variables

Finalized Specs which are now closed

SORTKEY - The Ability to Sort Items other than default NAME alphabetical 5.17.4

Spells Tab Revamp in 5.14.0

ASPECT tag for Abilities and Feats in 5.15.3

Pathfinder feat progression in 5.15.4

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