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Welcome to the page for the Website team.

Mission Statement

To build and maintain a web-based home for the PCGen Community.

Web Team Policies

Wiki Updating

Active Team Members



  • Anestis Kozakis [Website Maintenance and Orginsation] (Gibbon)





Inactive Team Members



  • James Clement (Basic HTML, QA)
  • Lachlan Mclean (HTML, php, mysql, javascript - Backup server)


  • David Rosenthal (Drupal Experience)
  • Glen Hamel
  • Kinsfire (Code & HTML/XHTML)
  • Paul Grosse (contact for Arawn Darkone)
  • Pope Torak
  • The Kio (Design & HTML, international)

Plan of Action

Hello all,

This is the plan I have come up with for the website.

Please understand, that the following points are all in order of priority (as I see them).

  • Decide on a Content Management System everyone on the team is comfortable with using - In Progress / Joomla current
  • Transfer existing website at SourceForge to the PCGen test site. Ensure look and feel is kept and accessibility tests pass In Progress
  • Update/Create FAQ's and Tutorials, including how to administer various aspects of the CMS (including the forums and mail-to-web system - see below)
  • Create a "developers only" section of the website that developers only have access to In Progress
  • Install Wiki software, and transfer PCGen Wiki from Sourceforge website - DONE
  • Update Wiki information - DONE
  • Choose a forum solution that everyone is comfortable with
  • Integrate Forum into website, matching PCGen look and feel
  • Create developers section in the wiki - 'Need further Clarification on this'.
  • Create/install tracker system for bugs/features/etc - JIRA in place and active. DONE, see PCGen_Jira_Guide
  • Create/Install a mail-to-web solution for the forum - In Progress Joomla Bridge work in progress by Tony L.
  • Ensure all aspects of website are kept up-to-date

Comments and suggestions welcome.


Other Tasks

Drupal Specific Stuff has been move to projects page

Website Projects

Extension ConfirmAccount acting up, email is not working to designated user - disabled currently


According to scientists, the Sun is pretty big.[1] The Moon, however, is not so big.[2]


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  2. R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44-6.