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JIRA Project Name Description
New Source New Books being created for PCGen, if you are working on a data set, this is where we record and track it. (This is restricted to prevent book requests, a tracker is only opened once Licensing gives the green light to the Book) Book Requests go on the Wiki.
Data Bugs and Feature Requests pertaining to existing data, and the occasional homebrew
Code Bugs and Feature Requests pertaining to the actual Program
New Tag Proposals and Requests for New "Tags" that work in PCGen - Collaboration between Code and Data (Discussions take place on the pcgen_experimental yahoo group)
Docs Bugs and Feature Requests pertaining to the Documentation
Output Sheets Output Sheet Bugs and Feature Requests pertaining to the PCGen Included Output Sheets as well as the Preview Sheets
Admin Functionality beyond the program - Website Stuff, Tracker Work, Maintenance of the various non-PCGen programs that make life easier for everyone. This can include new projects beyond what already exists outside the scope of the PCGen core program.
Project Test Requests Collaboration between Code and Data to test items against current and past code and to set up working test models to make sure PCGen is doing as it should be - Alice, Bob and Charlie do a great Job making sure the new code works, and the old code is still functional. This is for Code and Data Teams only. Normal users should not be opening requests of this nature.
Support Requests When all else fails, this is where the community may come to ask for Support and it'll be handled by one of the Core Team. (This is equivalent to asking on one of the mailing lists)