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PCGen RPG Online Open Gaming

First Round Board of Directors test

[Note this is under development, patience is requested. Thanks.]

  • Rules of Engagement
    • GM must create the PCs for the game [Premade using PCGen]
    • GM can use any system PCGen supports [3e, Pathfinder, any homebrews they've made, etc.]
    • Duration should not go longer than 4 hours, unless all players are willing to go longer.
    • Online Tools Recommended - Maptools for the Online Mapping; Ventrillo or equivalent Voice Over IP system
    • NOTE: If using Maptools, try to take advantage of the character sheet export PCGen uses.

  • Rules for Community
    • This is for fun and enjoyment, please have fun with the game.
    • Feedback after the game is highly encouraged

Game Masters For Events

GM System Power Level Date Running and Time
Andrew Maitland Eclipse (3.5 // Pathfinder) 5th Level TBA
Terry Milnes Pathfinder TBA TBA